Artist On A Bench

Artist On A Bench, is a voluntary arts project being developed by Cardiff based musician Bel Blue and community connector and artist Allan Herbert. The project evolved from a morning spent sketching, writing and chatting to passers by on a Barry Island Bench.
Art-Music-Poetry-Literature from the bench
Accessible-Arts Engagement
The Bench is a place where we can belong
A therapeutic Project
Artist On Bench: creating site specific material to the landscape and environment surrounding a bench-En Plein Air- to create and communicate, connect and explore in a variety of mediums.
See you on the bench…
Artist On A Bench at madeinroath festival 2018


Artist On A Bench where delighted to be spend a lovely afternoon on the bench at madeinroath festival 2018,  in the Grounds Of The Mackintosh Community Centre on Sat 20th October 11-3pm 2018. Thanks to everyone who took part and joined us on the bench to create such vibrant art, words and music.  #madeinroath2018


All festival details and events in the festival brochure,

More From The Bench

For more information, and updates follow, or to share your bench art: @artistsbench on social media
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The Friendship Bench

Artist On A Bench is collaborating with Barry based Art4U, this has involved the creation of Barry’s first Friendship Bench at Barry Knap and Lake Gardens, a place to  create and connect in nature. For more information
En plein air’ is a French phase meaning the work was made outside in the landscape ‘on site’. Van Gogh carried his easel into the open air to capture the bright light of Provence. The artist produces work outside to utilize the natural light and elements of the weather to represent the felling of being on that site at that specific moment in time.