Bel Blue ‘Hanging On’ The St Illtud’s Sessions

HangingOnBanner.jpegWith the first glimmers of spring on the way, it seems an apt time to share the second track from our music project experiments in location and field recordings ‘Hanging On’ The St Illtud’s Sessions. The song was recorded last Autumn in the Galilee Chapel, at the fifth century site of St Illtud’s Church, llantwit Major

The track was recorded simply in one take on my Faith acoustic guitar, using condenser mics and an ambient room mic to record in the Galilee Chapel, home to an extraordinary collection of Celtic Stones. Back in the studio producer Kevs Ford has added a subtle touch of ambient keys and classical guitar to the mix.

I wrote the track a few years ago as I was tumbling into mid winter melancholy on my old friend, the folk guitar that hangs on the kitchen wall.  I welcomed the opportunity to perform it shortly after accompanied by Kevs & Andy at The Welsh Mental Health Arts Festival at Wales Millennium Centre  Cardiff  in November 2016, so its taken a while to record a version.

I almost called the song ‘Still Believe’ and I hope dear listener that sentiment is carried in the song, that sometimes ‘Hanging On’ is ‘the best we can do’ and with help to hold on we can ‘Still believe in tomorrow’

If you need support now call Samaritans on 116 123.

Hanging On is available to listen on Soundcloud and download from Bandcamp

The St Illtud’s Sessions

The St Illtud’s Sessions are an ongoing project which we hope to keep exploring and developing, we are listening back in the studio our field recordings and hope to have enough material for an EP. The project evolved from playing at the monthly open mic at St Illtud’s and creative conversations with music enthusiast Canon Edwin Counsell and musician-producer Kevs Ford.

Kevs and I started our musical journey together a few years ago when we recorded my song ‘Our Places’ live by the River Ely in Cardiff. The St Illtud’s Session have been a great opportunity for us to get back to where we first started and explore ideas and sounds in situ.

Our field recordings from this ancient space will not be perfect but will hopefully capture in someway the essence of this sacred place.

St. Illtuds NEW PHOTOS-57.JPG

My warmest thanks are given to the St Illtud’s community who have encouraged my music and helped make this project possible. There is a great wealth of talent and sharing of creativity at the Open Mic which runs on the first Friday of each month, run by Peter Cronin and friends.

There is much to be discovered at the ancient site of St Illtud’s and the surrounding area of Llantwit Major. I look forward to what will be revealed next on this creative journey and I hope dear reader you will check in along the way.